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Welcome to Motion Fitness Community

When you take a class with us, you don't just get a great workout. You are a part of a fun and friendly community who will support you along your fitness journey. We love to laugh just as much as we love to sweat!

From Bootcamp to strength training, we offer a wide variety of fitness classes to work your body in different ways. Classes are capped at 12 people so you will receive personalized attention from our instructors during workouts and modifications are always available to ensure an inclusive environment where all fitness abilities are welcomed.

We also offer regular social events so you can get to know your fitness friends outside of classes.

So don't join a gym, join a community.

We look forward to working out with you!



Unless otherwise noted, classes are appropriate for all fitness levels. Trained instructors provide a challenging workout and offer plenty of modifications to ensure everyone has a great experience. Small groups provide the space for individualized coaching as well as camaraderie and fun. 


This class ensures you get a full body workout including cardio, strength, core and uses a variety of equipment. You will move your body in three planes of motion, get your heart rate up and leave class feeling energized.

REB3L Groove®

REB3L Groove® fuses hard hitting choreography with HIIT mechanics and powerful music, resulting in a high intensity, badass, bootcamp style dance fitness format. You will leave feeling inspired, motivated, strong, and empowered. **No dance experience is needed.

REB3L Strength®

REB3L Strength® is choreographed toning routines set to powerful music. It creates sculpted bodies and builds physical strength using body weight, minimal equipment, and low-impact/high repetition training. Strong is sexy…redefined.


This class will strengthen and tone your muscles from head to toe using a variety of exercises for each muscle group. You will be challenged in ways you never expected in a strength class with a variety of body weight, kettlebell, TRX, Bosu®, sandbell, barbell, and free weight exercises.


Developed in the field by US Navy Seals, TRX is a Suspension Training® system that uses gravity and body weight to perform exercises to strengthen your core and increase muscular endurance, while providing a total body workout. TRX workouts are perfect for all fitness levels, as adjusting the level of difficulty is as easy as moving your hands or feet, and progression is limitless. Move better. Move faster. Move stronger.


Whether a beginner or advanced practitioner, this class focuses on breath work, strengthening, stretches, and a sense of release. Each class is tailored specifically to the individuals in attendance, and will never look exactly the same. Come to cultivate a sense of presence and self-acceptance through the power of holding and flowing through asanas (postures/poses).

Fast & Furious HIIT

Get in, get out, and get your blood pumping in this high-energy, high-intensity, total body workout. You can expect a fast-paced 30-minute workout with time to stretch before and after. 

Stretch & Strengthen

This class integrates balance, flow, stability, and strength - with the goal of increasing openness and reducing pain in the body. We will incorporate targeted strength exercises along with gentle and challenging stretches using body weight, light weights, bosus, foam rollers, and the TRX. You will leave class feeling strong and renewed! 

Holidays and More!




Whether it’s our Pre-Pigout Workout on Thanksgiving morning, Feeling Lucky bootcamp to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, or a Stars, Stripes, and Sweat July 4th TRX workout, we take every opportunity to combine fitness and fun!  


Check back for more class options. 

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